Updated: September 24, 2019
Author: Matt Harris

Top Seven Free Cricket Betting Tips

In this guide, we want to give readers the essentials in terms of cricket betting tips. Advanced strategies can help to turn the odds in your favour, but we cannot get to that stage without an understanding of the basics.

We will therefore be covering in these online betting tips on cricket:

1) How to bet on cricket
2) The most popular cricket bets
3) The question of home field advantage
4) The best cricket sportsbooks
5) Funding options
6) How odds work
7) How to find out if your odds are favourable

That’s what you’ll find here so let’s get straight on with our online cricket betting tips.

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What are the best sportsbooks for betting on cricket in India?


Finding you the right bookmaker is an important part of our free cricket betting tips service as you need value for money. Of the three main sportsbooks that we recommend, Betrally are consistent in terms of odds which are hard to beat.

They may not have the widest set of prop bets. If you’re just focusing on either the result, or the long term tournament betting markets, though, Betrally is a great place to start.


Bettors will usually find that Bet365’s prices come up before anyone else. So if you want to take an early Satta, keep refreshing the page to check them out. Prices are good here too and will usually match our other two recommendations.  Bet365 will also score well on a range of prop bets. This makes them a good all-rounder for Indian cricket bettors and one of our top cricket betting tips for Indian bettors.


Choice is the main reason why Betway comes into our recommended list. There’s no problem with pricing and this bookmaker should keep up with the other two suggestions. However, it’s the range of prop bets that makes them really stand out.

The selection is wide for all games, but for the bigger IPL matches, there could be over 100 markets. So if you want that choice, head to Betway first.

How to bet on cricket

Before we start to explore the most popular cricket betting options, it’s useful to understand that there are three different formats. These are:

This can be important in formulating a strategy, but also because the available cricket betting markets will differ between these forms. For example, the draw is a possible result in test cricket. In both of the one day formats, however, it’s a simple case of backing a win for either side.

Other markets such as Most Sixes and Powerplay betting will also be absent from test cricket, but will appear extensively in the limited overs formats.

Win your first cricket bet: How can you win a cricket bet?

These are the possible ways you can bet on, and win, a cricket bet. These bets are usually for all forms of cricket.


Anyone looking for cricket betting tips should start here: This is a simple case of betting on the match result. As we mentioned, for test and first class cricket, there are three possible outcomes. Meanwhile, in One Day and T20 cricket, there is no draw to take into consideration.

Over/Under on Final Score

Some sportsbooks refer to this bet as ‘Total Runs’.  As that name suggests, you are betting on the amount of runs scored. This could apply to total runs in the game, or more commonly, it will relate to one batting side only.

For example, in a T20 match you may think that India will score more than 160 runs. In this instance, look for a line set by your sportsbook at 160.5 and bet over that line.

Player Props

Anyone looking for cricket betting free tips might like to look at player bets. The most common of these are for top batsman and top bowler, but there are others including Man of the Match.

For top batsman betting, it’s a case of predicting which batsman you think will score the most runs in the innings. In the event of a tie, dead heat rules will apply. For bowlers, we’re looking to back the player who returns the best figures. In the event that two bowlers have claimed the same number of wickets, the profit will be delivered by the player who has conceded the fewest runs.

Other Bets

Cricket is a game of statistics and when we give out cricket betting tips, many of these relate to numbers. As an example, the best sportsbooks will provide markets for most sixes and most fours. There’s also something known as Powerplay betting.

This particular bet will set a limit in terms of overs. For one day cricket, this is usually 15 overs while for T20 matches, it drops down to six. The object with this bet is to decide which of the two teams will make the highest score at the end of those allotted overs.

Does home field advantage matter in cricket?

Yes, because on occasions, it can make a big difference, particularly in test match cricket. In this form of the game, surfaces can be prepared to suit home players. So, if the team’s strength lies in their spin bowling attack, a dry dusty wicket may be prepared that starts to turn on the first day.

On the other hand, home advantage is not a big factor compared to other sports. This is because in one day cricket, the wickets can be more neutral and may not favour either team. Shorter forms are also less predictable, so wins between home and away sides may be more evenly balanced.

In summary, when looking for cricket betting tips, consider the home side more in test cricket than you would for other forms of the game.

Tips for online cricket betting: What are the easiest deposit options?


Now part of the wider PaySafe group, Neteller were established in 1999 and are one of the oldest eWallet providers in existence. They take customers in India and the majority of sportsbooks accept them as a means of funding.

To use, simply click on the deposit button for your chosen bookmaker, find Neteller as an option and follow the simple instructions.

Credit Cards

Most, if not all, sportsbooks take all of the major credit cards. So, if you have a card supplied by Visa or Mastercard in India, it should be accepted. If there is any doubt on this point, check customer services.

Before going ahead, it’s important to understand how credit cards work. They literally offer credit so that you have time to pay them off. But if you don’t pay the balance in full every month, interest may be charged.

Debit Cards

Unlike a credit card, payments from a debit card will come out of your bank account straight away. Therefore, there are no credit terms. Nevertheless, some consumers prefer this as there is no danger of interest charges being made. Once again, included should be all major Visa and MasterCard cards issued to customers in India.


Skrill was set up as a company in 2001 and is now one of the most established eWallets in the world. It’s one of the more popular providers among betting companies and is open to players in India.

An eWallet stores your money safely and securely, like a bank account and you can even get a prepaid card in some cases. Before use, we suggest checking to make sure that your sportsbook doesn’t charge any fees for its use.


Cryptocurrency is changing the face of betting in the sense that some operators are setting up specifically to take Blockchain payments. This is an option for the tech savvy bettors and while the market is very volatile, 1 Bitcoin in March 2019 was worth 272,144 Indian Rupees.

If this funding method is important to you, check that your operator accepts Bitcoin before going ahead.

IPL betting rates: How do the betting rates (odds) work?

When a sportsbook comes to calculate their market, they start by looking at the probability of each individual outcome dropping in. Where cricket is concerned, this could easily be illustrated by the coin toss. As far as simple mathematics dictates, this should be a 50/50 call.

Therefore, a sportsbook should reflect that in its odds. That’s why you’ll find that in the Coin Toss market, the odds for heads and tails are the same – usually at around 1.90 to 1.91.

Let’s take that principle and apply it to cricket betting. We’ll say that for the sake of this example, Mumbai’s chances of beating Chennai in an IPL match are rated at just above 50/50. In this case, we may see India priced at 1.91 for the win, with England at 2.00. It takes skill to assess the outcomes, but a simple mathematical formula can decide the odds.

Tips for betting on the IPL: How do I know if my odds are favourable or not?

As part of our free cricket betting tips service, we have given you a list of three sportsbooks who we feel give you great value for money. It’s quick and easy to find out which of these is the best of the three just by checking the numbers for a selected outcome.

For example, in the week leading up to the start of the Indian Premier League, Bet365 were listing Sunrisers Hyderabad to win the tournament at odds of 5.00. However, both Betway and Betrally were quoting an IPL betting rate of 5.50. Therefore, in this case, bettors may want to avoid Bet365 and opt for either of the two remaining bookmakers. This is just one example of IPL betting tips, but it’s a simple method of deciding whether your odds are favourable for hundreds of bets.