Cuncolim Police Will Prevent Gambling at Chinchinim Feast Fair

Residents in Chinchinim have made complaints to the district collector regarding the possibility of godgoddo gambling at the Chinchinim feast fair. In order to prevent the chance of godgoddo gambling taking place at the feast fair, more than 250 residents from Chinchinim signed a memorandum in the hopes of preventing gambling at the feast fair.

The memorandum was given to N D Agarwal, the South Goa district collector, on Tuesday. The memorandum requests that the police take preventative action to ensure that the godgoddo (dice gambling) activities that have taken place in the past during this fair, will be prevented at the time of the feast of Our Lady of Hope.

Last year, those who were against the dice gambling at the Chinchinim feast fair managed to arrange that the Cuncolim police intervened and the illegally set up gaddas that were on the road were shut down, so that there was no dice gambling during the time of the 10-day feast fair.

Those who submitted the petition to N D Agarwal noted that the same elements who had offered godgoddo gambling in previous years were planning to do so again this year during the feast fair of Our Lady of Hope. The petition was submitted by Raison Almeida, who had the following to say: “It has come to our notice that this year, the same elements who were involved in the godgoddo gambling over the years have made preparations to conduct the illegal activities during the feast fair.”

The police officials in Cuncolim have reassured those who handed in the memorandum that they will keep a strict watch to ensure that no illegal dice games are played during the time of the feast fair.