Delhi Capitals Beat Kolkata Knight Riders in Super Over

By Dhanu Delphi on April 1, 2019

There was much excitement when the Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders played their match on Saturday. The Delhi Capitals won the toss, electing to bowl first at the Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in New Delhi. The Kolkata Knight Riders set a run total of 186. Delhi Capitals reached 185 runs, matching the Kolkata Knight Riders, and sending the game into a Super Over.

The Super Over

The Super Over, used as a tie breaker in limited overs cricket, consists of one additional over. Delhi Capitals batted first in the Super Over since the Kolkata Knight Riders batted first in the main game.

Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer, the team’s skipper, went to bat with Kolkata Knight Riders’ Prasidh Krishna bowling. Pant then made one run, after which Iyer hit a four. On the third ball, Chawla catches Iyer out. Prithvi Shaw took his place. Pant made two runs on the fourth ball, another two on the fifth ball. He added one more run on the sixth and final ball. Delhi Capitals ended with 10/1 in six balls. The team set an 11-run target.

The visitors sent Dinesh Karthik, the team’s captain, along with Andre Russell, to bat for the Super Over. Delhi Capitals sent Kagiso Rabada to bowl. In the first ball, Russell started off strong with a four. The second ball saw no runs with a perfectly executed Yorker on leg from Rabada. The third ball saw Russell bowled out with the Kolkata Knight Riders needing another seven runs to win. Robbie Uthapa came to join Karthik. The fourth ball to Uthappa gained one run, and the fifth ball to Karthik added another run. With one ball left, Delhi Capitals needed an elusive four or six to win, but ended with just one more run.

Rabada’s excellent bowling took the Delhi Capitals to a win in the Super Over. Although the match should not have reached a Super Over, it created a very exciting finish to a long day.

Delhi Capitals’ Prithvi Shaw Named Man of the Match

Prithvi Shaw opened for the Delhi Capitals, reaching 99 runs. Dinesh Karthik caught Shaw out just one run shy of a century. Named Man of the Match, Shaw feels happy, along with disappointment at missing a century by one run. Shaw played a thrilling and excellent knock all the way into the 18th over. Not only did Shaw miss the century, he also missed the opportunity to finish the game for his team.

In addition to Shaw’s outstanding 99, Shikhar Dhawan added 16 runs, with skipper Shreyas Iyer adding 43 runs. Pant added 11 runs, and Colin Ingram added 10 runs to the total, while Hanuma Vihari only added two.

The top run scorers for the Kolkata Knight Riders included skipper Dinesh Karthik’s half century with exactly 50 runs. Andre Russell added 62 runs, giving the team their second half century of the match.

The Delhi Capitals play Kings XI Punjab on Monday, 1st April. Meanwhile, the Kolkata Knight Riders have a few days break, and play the Royal Challengers Bangalore on Friday, 5th April.