Delhi Police Will Appeal IPL Court Ruling

Marriott-International-Teams-Up-With-Rajasthan-RoyalsAfter the three Rajasthan Royals players were cleared of spot fixing charges in a Delhi court, the Delhi police have informed the public that they will be appealing the decision made in the court by taking the spot fixing case to a higher court.

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, and Ankeet Chavan from the Rajasthan Royals cricket franchise were accused of spot fixing in the Indian Premier League. After an investigation, the Delhi police arrested these players in May 2013, along with a number of bookies.

The accused cricketers allegedly underperformed in some of their matches in exchange for cash. Sreesanth has played in 27 Test matches for India. He allegedly bowled badly in an Indian Premier League match in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars.

Although sports betting is illegal in India, there is a very busy underground sports betting network that covers a large amount of betting on cricket matches. There has been much controversy surrounding the Indian Premier League matches since it was first played in 2008.

According to SN Srivastava, a special commissioner for the Delhi police, he explained that although the trial court has cleared the three players, it appears that this has only been done because of a technicality.

Srivastava said: “The court has appreciated our efforts in bringing for the the contamination in sports, especially in the IPL.”

He further noted: “We have sufficient evidence to go for an appeal.”

Srivastava has explained that the players were let off on a technicality, not because they were not guilty of spot fixing. The acquittal was only granted because India does not have a specific law that deals directly with spot fixing.

Although the laws may be clarified over time, a higher court may be able to make the decision that the players are guilty of spot fixing. Should those who are guilty of various forms of match fixing get away with it, the credibility of the Indian Premier League cricket will be affected.