Dilip Doshi Calls to Regulate Gambling To Reduce Corruption

A recent discussion in the media with past India cricketer Dilip Doshi has focused on the shame being brought to Indian cricket by the latest indignity, the team’s shambles of a performance and the present captain’s prospects.

Doshi believes that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is still looked upon favourably and that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is having a positive effect on the game.   It cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of every individual and changes do not happen overnight.  Whilst the latest incidents need to be managed; the media has exaggerated what has happened

The BCCI has come a long way since its inception and though people still like to publically vent their anger against them, they are respected and the IPL games are valued.  Corruption occurs globally in cricket and Doshi believes that regulating gambling in cricket would decrease the occurrence by 50%.  There is a belief that the Indian players standards in Test cricket has suffered by their playing in the IPL, but Doshi dismisses this and has blamed it on the age of their players and their lack of good bowlers in addition to other teams performing better.   As players are leaving the sport; new good young ones are not being found to take their places.

A suggestion has been made that a new skipper could help but Doshi believes that Dhoni is being made into a scapegoat and has plenty more to offer the team.   The problem of the team’s lack lustre performance is primarily down to a lack of good talent, especially in spinning balls which nowadays is not being seen.  A further proposal offered was that the BCCI reawaken this art but Doshi believes that a good spinner cannot come from training in it but has to be someone who has a feel, love and enthusiasm for spinning.

Doshi believes that for cricket to proceed, each player who is enthusiastic about reaching the top must keep an eye on himself but in addition to this, monitoring right from the beginning is also necessary.