Dinesh Kalgi Allowed to Stay in Ahmedabad for 15 Days

Gambling kingpin, Dinesh Kalgi, has been given permission to stay in Ahmedabad for 15 days. The state home department has granted this permission after Kalgi’s plea to be allowed to remain in Ahmedabad for the 15 days for some medical treatment.

Kalgi, it seems, has some health problems. He provided various details of his health problems in a special application in which he asked to be allowed to remain in Ahmedabad in order to undergo some medical check-ups. Kalgi has been externed by the police in Ahmedabad.

AM Desai, PI, from the prevention of crime branch of the police, has said that even though Kalgi has been allowed this 15 days, that he will still be watched. Desai said: “Although the home department has allowed Kalgi to stay in the city for 15 days, we will keep an eye on his movements.”

It has now been two years that Kalgi has been externed in Ahmedabad by the Ahmedabad police, along with the Ahmedabad district and also Mehsana and Gandhinagar.

Kalgi’s Sudama resort, located in Paldi, was raided last year, with the raid headed up by the then IPS officer, V Chandrashenkhar. When the raid took place, there were a large number of people found gambling there, and over 60 that were arrested.

Kalgi, along with the co-owner of the Sudama resort, Mahindra Patel, were both arrested by the police in Navrangpura. Both Kalgi and Patel were charged under PASA, however, the police released them after they had been through the legal process.

Kalgi has been allowed to continue his illegal activities by a number of police officials who have allowed this behavior to go on. Those who were found out to have been indulgent towards Kalgi were suspended, including two police inspectors, AS Parmar, and BK Purohit from Ellisbridge.