Doctor Arrested for Gambling in Nursing Home

By Dhanu Delphi on October 30, 2013

On Saturday night, after having received a tip off, the Nalanda police conducted a gambling raid in Biharsharif. The raid, surprisingly, took place at a nursing home. Not only was there illegal gambling going on at the nursing home, but it involved one of the doctors that worked there, and it took place in an operating theatre. In all likelihood, the doctor who seems to have been the kingpin of this illegal gambling operation never expected to be caught in an operating theatre.

When the Nalanda police conducted the raid at the nursing home, they found four people involved in the illegal gambling. The gambling was being played for high stakes in cash.

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, the Laheri SHO, explained that the police department had made the decision to conduct the raid after they had received a tip off that illegal gambling was taking place in the Jaya Nursing Home, which is located in Biharsharif in the locality of Bhainasur. When the raid took place, an amount of Rs 106,735 was found in the possession of those who were arrested, namely Rajkumar, Aman Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, and Mithilesh Kumar.

The owner of the nursing home, a surgeon by the name of Dr Ajay Kumar, is allegedly the head of this gambling operation. It has been said that he has been running this illegal gambling for quite some time, and that those who have come to gamble are seen as professional gamblers, who have come to play for fairly high stakes.

Since the raid has taken place, police have been investigating Dr Ajay Kumar and his gambling operation at the nursing home. It is expected that there may be other arrests of more professional people who have been involved in the illegal gambling.