England Hoping for Better Outcome in Second Indian Test

India beat England in the first Test match that took place between these two cricket teams. The second Test match of India versus England will be starting on Friday, 23rd November. It will be played in Mumbai.

The Indian cricket team worked hard to gain the victory over the England cricket team. India won the toss, and throughout the Test, looked like the team that was functioning the best. The question that has now arisen is what England will do about their selection for the Test that begins on Friday.

While the India cricket team is likely to remain the same, since the team played well as it is, the England team needs a lot of new selection and looks as if it will have selection problems ahead of the second Test in Mumbai.

The India team is used to playing with four bowlers and seven batsmen. There are some concerns about whether four bowlers will be enough when the England team comes back with renewed determination.

The England cricket team’s captain, Alistair Cook, said the following regarding the difficulties that the team has with selection for the upcoming Test: “Clearly we’re going to have to look at our selection. When you get beaten by nine wickets, you have a look at a lot of areas and we have to look at what we could have done better. We’ll have to look at our squad for the next game.”

While the batsmen did not reach anywhere near their potential in the first England versus India Test in Ahmedabad, Cook seems to feel that the batsmen are quality players, so the batsmen lineup for the England team is likely to stay the same. The changes are most likely to take place when it comes to the team’s bowlers.

The question now remains as to whether the Indian team will once again oust the England team.