Farewell to Fletcher – BCCI Looking for New Coach

Coach - Duncan Fletcher - 2015Some months ago, Duncan Fletcher had wanted to quit coaching the Indian team because his wife is in ill health. He was asked to stay on as coach until his contract ends, rather than leaving early, because there were a number of big tours, such as the World Cup that were coming up. Fletcher had agreed to stay on at the time, and now that his contract is ending soon, the Board of Control for Cricket in India is looking for a replacement coach for the Indian cricket team. Fletcher should be staying on until after the World Cup is over.

Fletcher will be with the team until the end of the Sydney Test, making this the last time he will be officially in charge of the team. Since Fletcher has been coach, the Indian team has done extremely well in One Day Internationals, becoming the top ODI side worldwide. The team has not, however, played well in international Tests that have taken place outside of India. India has fallen to the sixth Test side in the ICC rankings.

Although Fletcher was somewhat sidelined when Ravi Shastri became the team director, Shastri has only had words of praise for the coach at this time. He described how the team looks up to Fletcher like a ‘father figure’.

A source from the BCCI has said that there are already talks taking place, and that the senior cricket players have been asked to voice their opinions on the issue. The team is happy to have a coach from any location around the world, with the one concern being that he should be able to communicate well with the players.

As is always expected at a time like this, there are rumors regarding who may be appointed in Fletcher’s place, however, at this time, none of the rumors have been confirmed.