First India South Africa Test Ends with a Draw

The first five day Test between the Indian cricket side and the South African cricket side has ended in a draw. The final day of this Test took place today at the well-known Wanderers Stadium, and the Indian team entered the day expecting a win. If the South African team was to win, the team would have needed a total of 320 runs. The game ended with India 280 and 421, and South Africa at 244 and 450-7

The South African team made the decision that it would not carry out a run chase against India, even though it meant missing out on the chance to set a brand new world record if the team managed to reach 458 runs.

The decision to end on a draw was not an easy one, however, the South African team felt it was the best decision to make since one of their final players was already suffering from previous injuries.

Grame Smith, the South Africa skipper, had the following to say regarding the decision to halt play: “With Morne struggling to stand and with no ability to run between the wickets and with Imran you’re not too sure what you are going to get.”

Showing support for his teammates’ decisions, Smith said: “We as a team have to support the decision that Dale and Vernon made in the middle.”

The Indian team will always wonder what would have happened if the South African team had continued to bat. Would the game have ended in a draw? Or would the Indian team, who had an excellent total, be the winners. Of course, it is always possible that the South African team might have managed to pull it off and take an outright win, rather than cause a draw. Fans on both sides were particularly frustrated by the decision to call the game a draw.