Updated: March 15, 2021
Author: SportsBetting Team

Types of Football Bets

When wagering with local bookmakers in India, most options for football bets are which team will win the game, or if the game will be a draw. When betting online with Indian friendly European betting sites like Betway.com there are dozens more options (pertaining to football bets) available.

On this page, we list 68 of the most common football bets/markets offered online. For tips how to beat these markets, refer to the strategy section of my page on football bets and betting.

68 Football Bets and Props Offered Online

  1. Win-Draw-Win – Select which team you think will win the match or if it will be a draw.
  2. Half Time/Full time – Choose which team will be leading at half time, then again at full time. The draw can be an option too.
  3. Draw no bet – Select a winner for the match. Bet is void if game ends in a draw.
  4. Double chance – Have the chance to back two possible outcomes of the game.
  5. To win both halves – Select either team that you think will win both half’s of the match
  6. To win to Nil – One team wins the game and prevents their opponents from scoring
  7. Correct Score – Select what you think the correct score will be at full time.
  8. First goalscorer – Choose which player will score first in the match
  9. Anytime Goalscorer – Choose a player to score at anytime in the match no matter who has scored previously
  10. First to score for their team – Select who will score first for their respected team
  11. Last goalscorer – chose the player to score the last goal of the match
  12. Insurebet first Goalscorer – If a player fails to score the first goal but does score at some point in the match then bet stake is returned
  13. To score two or more goals – Select who you think will score two or more players
  14. To score a hat-trick – select who you think will score a hat-trick in the match
  15. Scorecast and Wincast – Choose the first goalscorer and correct full time result
  16. Wincast – Select winning team and anytime goal scorer
  17. Total goals – Choose between three different goals brackets for the match
  18. Over/Under – Select whether there will be more or less goals than the bookmakers set line
  19. Total goals in a match – Chose the exact amount of goals in a match
  20. Match and total goals doubles – Select outright winner and amount of goals in the match
  21. Handicap and Alternative Handicap Betting – Select a team with respective handicaps in place
  22. First Half Handicap – Handicap applied to the results at half time
  23. Corner handicap – Choose which team will have the most corners, handicap adjusted
  24. Half time result – Choose between home, draw or away for the first half result
  25. Half time correct score – Select the right score at half time
  26. First half handicap – Handicap applied to the result at half time
  27. First half goals – Select the amount of goals scored in the first half of the match
  28. Second half goals – Select how many goals will be scored in the second half only
  29. To win second half – Choose which team will win the second half
  30. Anytime own goal – Choose if an own goal will be scored be either team at any point in the game
  31. Number of team goals – Select how many goals each team will score in the match
  32. Time of first goal – Choose the time of the first goal. Often given three selections of periods in the match
  33. Time of last goal – Choose time of the last goal. Often given three selections of periods in the match
  34. Time of first team goal – Choose when the either team scores their first goal. Has no relation if other team scores first
  35. Winning margin – Select the winning margin of the final result
  36. Time of first goal by time interval – Select between several time intervals for the first goal of the game
  37. Team to score first – Choose which team will score the first goal. Also has “No goals” as a choice
  38. Total goals Odd or Even – Select whether there will be an odd or even amount of total goals in the game
  39. Half with most goals – Select which half will have the most goals. Can also choose “Tie”
  40. To score in both halves – Pick which team will score in both halves
  41. To win either half – Select which team will win either the first or second half
  42. Half time lead and fail to win – Select which team may win the first half, but fail to win the overall match
  43. Who will keep a clean sheet? – Select which side will keep a clean sheet
  44. 1st player to be shown a red card – Select between all the players in the squad as to which will receive the first red card of the game
  45. Penalty scored – Select if a penalty will be scored by either team
  46. Card Index – The card index works as the following: Yellow card = 10 points, Red card = 25 points. Select between three different brackets for total points from the game
  47. First booking – Choose between each team for first booking. Can also select “No bookings”
  48. Time of first booking – Choose a time frame for the first booking
  49. Time of first corner – Select a time frame for the first corner of the match
  50. A red card in the match – Select if there will be a red card at any point
  51. Match Specials – Different games can fire up different specials. Some include: two players to both score in the game, one player to outscore versus another player, a substitute to score, scoring a goal after 81 minutes, and keeper to save a penalty, etc.
  52. Total goals in the match – Choose exactly how many goals there are in the game
  53. Team goals – choose exactly how many goals one team scores in the whole math
  54. Match and total goals doubles – Choose a team to win and the amount of goals they will score
  55. Both teams to score – Simply choose if both teams will score or not
  56. Live Trebles – Often include card index, corners and combined team goals
  57. First goal to be an own goal – choose if the first goal in the match will be an own goal
  58. Intervals lead – Choose which team will be leading after certain minutes of the match
  59. To come from behind – Selecting a team to come from behind and win the game
  60. Players to be sent off – Select which player will be sent off at any point
  61. To be booked – Select which player will be booked at any stage
  62. Number of corners – Total amount of corners in the game combined
  63. Corner match bet – Select which team will have the most corners. “Tie” also available
  64. First/Second half corners – Choose total amount of each halves corners
  65. Penalty scored first/second half – Choose if a penalty will be cored in either half
  66. Half time/full time correct score – Pick the correct team and score at both half time and full time
  67. Timecast – Choose first goal, team and time of first goal
  68. Alternative Card index – Select points of the amount of cards shown throughout the match