Gamblers Arrested During Diwali Celebrations

The custom of gambling in India during the Diwali celebrations is one that began some time ago. Since gambling, in most cases, is considered illegal in India, some arrests have taken place. Just one other reason many have chosen online gambling sites where funds aren’t traceable.

In Kullu, the local police have arrested a number of gamblers that were caught gambling during the Diwali celebrations that took place over three days. A total of 24 gamblers were arrested in Kullu. Not only were these gamblers arrested, but there was a large sum of money confiscated from these gambling games. A total of Rs46,150 was confiscated during the initial arrests.

The police have said that there are likely more arrests to be coming soon. It was known in advance that there would be gambling during the Diwali festival, and the police formed a number of special anti-gambling teams in order to have them look into the gambling that would be found during Diwali and at the Lavi fair.

In the Brow and the Anni villages, there were a number of raids that took place since it is known that gamblers camp there during the Lavi fair of Rampur Bushahr. The police have said that in general, rooms that are intended for the use of gambling are booked in advance of the fair, however, they do change their location each year.

“Police have broken the peace of gamblers here, so they have changed their location to upper villages. Still, we have booked dozens of gamblers under the gambling Act,” said a representative of the Brow police station.

It seems that hundreds of gamblers come to this area from all over Himachal and other neighboring states. Those running the gambling usually came there for at least a week. On Diwali day itself, there were 15 gamblers arrested, while many others managed to escape arrest. The majority of gamblers that were arrested were caught in rooms that had been rented in domestic houses.