Gambling Arrests at Delhi Hotel

le-meridien-luxury-hotel new delhiThis week, there was a gambling raid carried out in the New Delhi hotel, Le Meridien. Police had received a tip off that there was gambling taking place in two of the hotel suites.

The police raided the two rooms, room 620 and room 623, and found that gambling was in fact taking place. It appears that the rooms were booked under the names of two men. The one room was booked under the name of Sudarshan who said he was an employee of a travel agency. The other room was booked under the name of Rakesh Kumar. Kumar was not found on the premises during the raid. The rooms cost Rs 7,000 each for a day. Sudarshan ordered food and drinks for guests that he was expecting.

The others who were caught gambling had come to the hotel as guests that had been invited to a ‘birthday party.’ During the raid, cash that has been placed as bets worth Rs 1.1 lakh was found. In addition to this, there was another Rs 1.06 lakh of cash that was recovered from those who were found at the scene.

The New Delhi Additional Commissioner, S B S Tyagi, said: “We raided the hotel around 10.30pm. The men were arrested from the two rooms. A case under the Public Gambling Act has been registered.”

The police have requested that the hotel licence be cancelled. The reason for this request is that the hotel staff failed to report the incident. Police have considered the fact that there was gambling on the premises to be a security breach.

The hotel, however, had no reason to believe that anything illegal was taking place. The Vice President of Operations of the Le Meridien hotel, Meena Bhatia, said: “We never inquire what is happening inside a room once it has an occupant. Also, we believe there was no security breach since we had checked the identity proofs of both customers. We have offered full cooperation to police to help in the investigation.”