Gambling Bust on IIM-Ahmedabad Campus

Twelve people have been arrested by the Satellite police for gambling. The location of the bust of these twelve gamblers was at the IIMA, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

After the arrest, and some investigating, it appears that all of those arrested for gambling at the old Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, are all either employees of the IIMA or they work as contract workers on the campus.

The bust took place at the beginning of this week, on Sunday at 11pm. The Satellite police sub-inspector, P D Parmar, had been given information regarding the gambling activity that was taking place on the campus. The tip off had informed the sub-inspector that there was gambling activity taking place where the staff quarters were located on the old IIMA campus, in the area where the staff quarters for sweepers and peons was located. The house that was raided belonged to Vanaji Parmar.

Vanaji Parmar works at IIMA as a peon. He fled from his house when the gambling raid took place at his house. There were 14 mobile phones that had been used by the gamblers. These mobile phones were found, along with Rs 19,300 in cash. Included in those arrested were Raju Vaghela, 50, Jayendra Parmar, 23, Kaushik Sonria, 30, Janak Soneria, 22, Chirag Bundela, 22, Jayesh Chaudhari, 34, Tulsi Solanki, 25, Narenda Patel, 29, Jayesh Solanki, 25, Nitin Vaghela, 22, Rakesh Chaudhari, 33, and Naresh Chaudhari, 32.

One of those arrested, the 50-year-old Raju Vaghela, has been working for the IIMA for 30 years. At first, however, Vaghela said that he was simply another of the contracted employees. Of the other players that were arrested during the gambling raid, all worked for the Indian Institute of Mnagement Ahmedabad in some capacity, most of which were cleaning staff and sweepers that worked on contract.