Gambling by Senior Officials in Punjab Government

The High Court sent a notice to the Punjab government regarding issues around gambling by senior officials. It seems that during Diwali 2011, some senior officers in the Punjab police allegedly misappropriated money through gambling. One of the alleged offenders was R.P. Mittal, the police commissioner. On Monday, the Punjab and Haryana high court issued a notice to the government in the Punjab, asking for a response on this issue.

The notice that was issued came as a response to the petition that was filed by a former high court judge, Justice Ajit Singh Bains. He is trying to complete the investigation that has been conducted by S.S. Chauhan, the Inspector General of Police in the crime division.

There have been allegations that the situation has been kept quiet and possibly covered up because there were a number of high profile people that were allegedly involved in the matter. It has been said that some high-up police offers were involved, as well as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s nephew.

The petitioner explained to the high court that in October 2011, a complaint was lodged with the Punjab Human Rights Organization regarding a gambling raid that had taken place at Shalimar Nights in Amritsar. It seems that even though there was Rs 80 lakh that had been recovered from the 180 couples who came from rich families, there were only cases registered against 42 of those people, and in the end, only Rs 9 lakh was recovered.

Retired Justice Bains is from the PHRO, and in the petition, he claimed that on 8th October 2011, those who wished to participate in the gambling at the Shalimar Nights Resort had to have at least Rs 3 lakh with them. The petition submitted: “The name of this club was Amritsar Round Table 203 and one of its organizer was Puniajit Singh Chatha, who is the son of PM Manmohan Singh’s sister. Also among the apprehended persons was Kanwar Kohli, PM’s nephew.”

There will be another hearing in this case on 11th November 2012.