Gambling Dens Busted in Allahabad

By Dhanu Delphi on April 26, 2013

On Thursday, the district police carried out a special action in an attempt to root out illegal gamblers. The police team busted three gambling dens in Civil Lines, Kydganj, and in Handia. Amongst various items that were seized at the three gambling locations were mobile phones, and a large amount of cash.

In the first bust, the police team in Civil Lines arrested 10 individuals that were allegedly gambling, along with someone who is employed as the assistant to a high court lawyer. There were 10 mobile phones seized during this raid, and a large amount of cash totaling Rs 86,600. There were also various documents and other items seized in the raid.

Amarnath Yadav, the police inspector in Civil Lines, had said that the police team that conducted the raid had done so after it was tipped off that there was illegal gambling taking place. The raid took place near South Road, and the 10 people that were arrested were Jai Narayan, Badshah Khan, Kamal, Nasir, Rajesh, Babbul, Sunil, Rajesh, GS Sharma, and Arvind.

While all those arrested were done so for allegedly gambling illegally, the chief inspector, Amarnath Yadav, also noted that of the 10 people arrested in this raid, three of them were running the gambling in a more organized way.

The second raid took place in Handia, where the Handia police made five arrests in the area near Hanumanganj. In this raid, amongst various articles that were seized, there was also a total of around Rs 25,000 that was seized.

The third raid was carried out by the Kydganj police, who seized Rs 5,200 in a gambling raid, and arrested three individuals who were allegedly gambling.

The police in many areas in India have been cracking down on illegal gambling, and have been conducting many raids recently.