Gambling Suspect Dies in Prison

Sajid Sheikh was arrested on 24th January 2014 when he was suspected of gambling. Sheikh had been picked up for questioning by the police, and was held in police custody. He had been arrested in connection with accepting bets on ‘matka.’ Three days after he was arrested, Sheikh died in the Panigate police station lockup. The police did not seem to know the cause of death and sent Sheikh’s body for a postmortem.

Satish Sharma, the city police commissioner, explained that Sheikh may have had medical problems that had caused his death. He said: “Initial investigations showed that Sheikh had blockage in artery. He had also undergone angioplasty in the past and it is possible that his death occurred due to heart attack. But we are waiting for the final report.”

While the police say that there was no police brutality and it has been said that there are no injury marks on the deceased Sheikh’s body, the family of the 32 year old say that he was in good health.

Munavar Sheikh, the brother of the late Sajid Sheikh, stated: “My brother was wrongly detained. He was into the business of painting and was not into betting. His death is unnatural and he was healthy and fine.”

The police claimed that Sheikh died while he was eating supper, however, after he died, there was a mob that had gathered at the Panigate police station. Shikh’s body was still at the police lockup, and the police had to first diffuse the tension in order to transport the body to the SSG Hospital where it was taken to perform an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death. There was still a lot of anger and tension from those that were involved in Sheikh’s funeral procession, and the police have continued to be vigilant.