Gambling Tourism Sends Gujarat Businessmen to Jail

CardsLast weekend in Bangalore, there were 59 businessmen based in Gujarat that were arrested for gambling. The businessmen had gone on a gambling tour and had arrived in Bangalore via a charter flight. The gambling tour operator had charged each participant an amount of Rs 2 lakh. After arriving in Bangalore, the gamblers were driven to their hotels in luxury buses.

Bets of more than Rs 5 crore were being staked on the game Teen Patti, an Indian variation of poker. All was ‘going well’ for the gambling tour until the players were caught in the middle of the illegal gambling games in the gambling raid that was carried out by the Bangalore Police. In addition to the illegal gambling, there was also opium and marijuana that was found during the raid.

Dinesh Shah appears to be the gambling tour coordinator according to police information. Shah is a businessman based in Ahmedabad. He is known to have arranged tours to Goa, and also the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Since Shah was suspected of organizing these gambling tours, the police were watching him.

A police spokesperson said: “The Ahmedabad police were monitoring Shah’s movements as he was known to organize such gambling trips. After the Gujarat Police turned on the heat, Shah organized gambling tours in other parts of the country.”

The police noted that in addition to the gambling and drugs charges, it is suspected that some of these businessmen are also involved in money laundering. The businessmen have claimed, as was suspected, that Dinesh Shah is in fact the kingpin of the special tour that they were on.

The Bangalore Police also noted: “We have informed our Ahmedabad counterparts about the arrests. Further investigation is on as the men have named an Ahmedabad policement as one of their accomplices.”