Goa Casinos Doing Booming Trade

In the 2012-13 financial statements of the Goa offshore casinos have shown an income in taxes and entry fees of around Rs 90 crore for the Goa government. This amount is made up from the Rs 79.65 crore that was collected in entertainment taxation for the financial year 2012-13, and also the Rs 10.04 crore that was collected in entry fees by all those who boarded the casino vessels.

The Rs 90 crore was collected from the operations of five offshore casinos, although one of those, the ship that was owned by Gopal Kanda’s company, was recently towed because the casino, under the ownership of Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited owed approximately Rs 12 crore in unpaid dues.

Of the offshore casinos that are frequented by players, it can be seen clearly that the most popular, or the most busy, casino in offshore Goa, is the MV Casino Royale, which is owned by Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment. This casino contributed the highest amount in entry fees, at Rs 4 crore, and the Casino Royale paid entertainment taxes of Rs 28.53.

Another of the popular offshore Goa casinos, the MV Pride of Goa, which is owned by the Goa Coastal Resorts and Recreation Private Limited, has also been doing well. While not bringing in quite as much revenue and not having quite as many players frequenting the casino as the Casino Royale has, the Pride of Goa can certainly hold her own. The MV Pride of Goa offshore casino paid Rs 3.19 crore for the entry fee payment. For the entertainment tax portion of the casinos payment to the Goan government, they paid Rs 19.10.

All the casinos are obliged to pay the entertainment and the annual fees that are levied, however, if a casino is not operational, it does not have to pay the entry fee, since there are no players entering and playing at the casino.