Goa Casinos Likely to Attract a Lot of New Year’s Visitors

When New Year comes around, people are looking for a party, and those who will travel, will look for the best place to find that party. While many might have gone to Delhi in the past, it seems that this year’s destination of choice is like to be Goa for many of those who are looking for New Year’s fun.

Trip Advisor recently held a survey, and it appears that many from Delhi will be joining hordes of others in Goa to usher in 2014. The Trip Advisor survey showed that after Goa, preferences shown by party-goers are Udaipur, then Jaisalmer, then Jaipur, and finally Jodhpur.

One of the big attractions that is found in Goa are the offshore casinos. While there are those who protest the existence of these casinos, others celebrate them and enjoy their gaming and leisure time. When it comes to New Year’s people want to relax, party, and be entertained. Goa can certainly fulfill all of that, and has been one of the popular New Year destinations in India for some time now. One of the most popular places to see and be seen on New Year’s eve is at the Casino Royale, a very popular offshore casino.

While some are looking to party, others are simply protesting the existence of the Goa casinos. One activist decided to swim across the Mandovi river in order to protest both the existence of the offshore casinos, and the drug mafia. The swim took place on Goa’s Liberation Day, and the protestor, Sudeep Dalvi, ended up in trouble. While he was swimming, he got stung by a jellyfish and had to be hospitalized.

Dalvi said: “I started feeling paralytic symptoms on my left side. Soon, my left arm and limb were virtually paralyzed by the toxic stings and my body began turning red. Because of the toxins, there was inflammation. I managed to reach the Panaji side swimming [with] one hand.”