Goa Political Party Requests Government To Retain High Casino License Fees

The offshore casinos operating in the Goa region may be getting an unexpected break in the form a stay in the casino entry fee prices. The casinos were charging customers a total of 2,000 INR to enter and gave them 1500 INR worth of chips to play with. However, after Chief Minister of Goa and the Goa government passed a decision to decrease casino entry fees from that of 2,000 INR to 500 INR, the casinos may have expected a decline in revenue.

Now, a surprising move from the Goa BJP political party may end up staying the fees at 2000 INR. This is because the Goa BJP will be pushing for the fee to stay at 2,000 INR and will ask the CM to reconsider his decision. The BJP has decided to take up this issue because the cut in customer entry rates incited a lot of media ire. According to Wilfred Mesquita, the BJP Goa spokesperson, “I will tell Chief Minister that if possible the fees should not be brought down. I will convey media’s sentiments to him.”

If this stay occurs and the CM chooses to listen to the BJP, it will mean that the 6 casinos located offshore to Goa near the Mandovi River in Panaji will charge 2,000 INR per customer who enters the gambling area.

What’s more, according to the regulations issued by the Goa Government, the offshore casinos will also be required to pay a licensing fee of 6.5 croreS each. The licensing fee had initially been set to 5 crores but the government had moved to have each casino pay an additional 1.5 crores. The fees have also been hiked for the land based casinos in Goa from that of 10 lakhs to 2.5 crores in INR.