Goans Could be Arrested at Casinos

law-books-1A new law may be passed by which all Goans that are found gambling at casinos in Goa could find themselves being arrested. At this time, the law appers in draft form, although it may well be adopted by the Goan state government.

In addition to arresting Goans who are found gambling at the state’s casinos, the new law also provides for any players at the casino who are underage to be arrested. The legal gambling age in the legislation is 21 years of age.

Both the age checks and the checks to keep Goans away from gambling will be done via a gaming commissioner. The gaming commissioner will be appointed according to the guidelines found in the rules that form part of the legislation.

The rules in the draft legislation also state that various authorities, including the police, will be instructed to do regular searches of the casinos in order to arrest those who have not complied with the laws.

Those Goans that need to enter the gambling areas of the casino premises will be issued special permits. The rules note: “The permit will be issued based on the identity proof—PAN card, license, aadhaar card, etc—provided by the person who wants to gamble at a casino.”

Sanjiv Gadkar explained that the draft legislation is currently in the process of being accepted as law. He said: “Once the law department vets the rules, the file would be put up for cabinet approval.”

The Goan state government passed its amendment to the Goa Public Gaming Act, 1976 a few years ago. The amended bill became known as the Goa Public Gaming (Amendment) Bill, 2012.

The government is taking these steps in order to prevent gambling problems, since there has been much criticism that the current situation has ruined a number of families in Goa, while a number of other families find themselves heavily in debt.