Gujarat High Court Rejects Poker Petition

By Dhanu Delphi on November 23, 2017

The Gujarat High Court has thrown out a petition about the legality of poker. The petition was recently entered by a card club. It was thrown out and dismissed at the admission stage.

The reason given by Justice J.B. Pardiwala was that “No case worth the name is made out.”

No Objection Certificate

Mr. Samir Patel had entered a petition, which noted that poker and rummy are games of skill. It argued that both these card games are not games of luck. He and the other petitioners requested that the card game be issued a ‘no objection certificate’.

This would mean that the Department of Sports and Culture, and by extension, the police, should be directed that the game is not considered gambling.

Waiting on High Court’s Poker Ruling

The petition was dismissed while we await the ruling from the Gujarat High Court regarding the legality of poker. Gujarat’s High Court should soon release a ruling regarding whether poker relies on skill or luck.

The Indian Poker Association entered a case in October 2016. The association has been working on a legal solution to stop police raids and have the game’s legality redefined.

There were a number of hearings held with regards to poker. Discussions took place as to whether the game should be exempt under the state’s anti-gambling laws.

The last hearing on this topic was held in September 2017. Justice Rajesh Shukla announced that the final verdict would be issued on 23rd November. At this time, no official verdict has been released.

Legality of Poker in India

Some believe there may be a chance that Gujarat will rule in favour of legalized poker. However, to date, Gujarat has preferred to maintain the status quo, and has kept poker illegal.

In other states, such as Nagaland, Poker has been redefined as a game of skill and is therefore legal.