Gurunath Charged in IPL Betting Scandal

Gurunath Meiyappan has been charged in the IPL 6 betting scandal. He has been charged with forgery, cheating, and criminal conspiracy. He has been accused of compromising the Chennai Super Kings team by passing on information. The charge has officially been brought by the Mumbai police. Gurunath was a senior official for the Super Kings. He is the son-in-law of the BCCI president N Srinivasan, who temporarily stepped down from his position as president after the spot fixing scandal broke.

Gurunath was charged under section 130 of the Bombay Police Act, and also under the Indian Penal Code, sections 415, 417, and 420. He was also charged under a section of the Information Technology Act as well as under two different sections of the Gambling act. Although there had been speculation that he would also be charged with fixing, he was not.

The charge sheet from the Mumbai Police included the following: “Investigators have evidence to prove that Mr Meiyappan has passed on crucial information that compromises the team strategy, information about team composition, information about injury updates, information about who is going to bat where.”

Srinivasan is still hoping that he will be reelected to the position of president of the BCCI on 29th September. He made a point of distancing himself from his son-in-law before the charges were filed. He said: “This is a matter for Mr Gurunath Meiyappan to deal with. If he is charge sheeted, the law will take it own course. He has been suspended [by the BCCI] so he has got nothing to do with the game. It is up to him to defend his position, it has got nothing to do with me. I will chair the meeting as President and in spite of what you [the media] feel, I may get elected.”