Helicopters to Ferry Guests to Goan Offshore Casinos

Helicopter - Pawan HansWell-to-do tourists will soon be able to enjoy helicopter rides from Goa to some of the offshore casinos, at least those that have helipads. The helicopter service will be used to connect Goa, the state capital, with the airport and other main tourist spots.

The service will begin on 31st January, however it will take some time before casino players can use the helicopters to visit the offshore casinos. The service is being offered by Pawan Hans, a helicopter service company that is owned by the central government.

There have been some questions regarding the security of the helicopters and their passengers. In cooperation with the Goan police, strict security protocols have been developed in order to sure the safety and security of those using the service. Passengers are screened before they can use the helicopter service.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Pawan Hans, B P Sharma, said: “Presently we are only doing sight-seeing from the top. Later, we will be doing inter-city connectivity from Panaji to Old Goa (a popular heritage church complex). Old Goa to airport. Airport to Panaji and then also to connect some of the hotels and casinos that have the facility of helipads.”

Goa is a perfect location to use this heli-tourism service. The area has a large number of tourists, and is particularly picturesque. The helicopter is a 6-seater from which passengers will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views from above to add to their vacation experience. The first flights will take 15 minutes, and will fly over a number of beaches and over Fort Aguada. The opening price will be Rs. 3,250 per passenger.

Sharma explained: “Goans and tourists will enjoy it very much. It will be a landmark in Goa Tourism. To start with, we are putting two helicopters with six-passenger capacity each and we hope that the business will grow here and if the demand grows we will add more.”

When the helicopter service begins to take players to the Goan offshore casinos, it will add an exciting new dimension to the overall gaming experience.