High Number of Gambling Cases in 2012

So far this year, in 2012, there have been a number of incidents regarding illegal gambling. In fact, the number of gambling cases that have been registered since the beginning of this year, until September) has already exceeded the number of cases from previous years, and has in fact broken the record for the number of gambling cases over the past five years.

Somewhat concerning is the high number of these incidents before the Diwali festival has taken place. There are usually a higher number of gambling cases around Diwali, and the festival is still more than a month away. Each week, there have been an average number of eight to ten cased that have been registered.

The number of gambling cases up to the end of September 2012 totaled around 235, with around 300 arrests having taken place. More than Rs 2 lakh has been recovered from those that have been accused of illegal gambling activity. The age group of those that have been arrested this year spans a wide range, with most of the arrests being those who are between the ages of 20 and 35. In 2011, the number of registered gambling cases was 240, and in 2010, the number only reached 147 for the entire year.

The deputy superintendent of police, Roshan Lal said: “Most of the gambling cases are reported from sectors 31, 26 and Manimajra. Many accused are young and mostly allured by notorious old-time gamblers in this business. It’s an addiction and miscreants find it difficult to shun the habit.”

PCR Lal further added: “We have also done a survey and based on that we have increased the patrolling at various vulnerable locations especially during late hours.”

While there are many arrests, the weak gambling laws allow for those that are arrested to be bailed out immediately, which does not give those involved with illegal gambling much of a deterrent.