Hill Sports Festival Proposal from Narendra Modi

Narendra ModiThe Prime Minister of India, Narandra Modi, made a suggestion earlier this week that has been welcomed by the locals who live in India’s North Eastern states. Modi has suggested that there be an Annual Hill Sports Festival that will take place with the North Eastern states as well as Bhutan and Nepal.

Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayan mountains. With its borders on the north of India, many of the same cultures and habits, along with taste in sports is shared with its Indian neighbors. For this reason, Modi feels that including Bhutan in the Hill Sports Festival proposal is a good idea.

Modi expressed these ideas at a joint session of the Butanese parliament. Modi feels that sports is an excellent medium to help connect the people and governments. He said: “Sports brings sportsman spirit, which contributes to happiness.”

“It’s a very good idea. It will encourage people-to-people contact,” said the Editor in Chief of The Bhutanese, Tenzing Lamsang. The Bhutanese is the largest English language weekly in Bhutan.

Lamsang also noted that sports really does build better relations and he also commented on the good it would do for developing Bhutan’s sports infrastructure. Bhutan is a particularly small country, with substantially less than a million citizens. Although the country may be small, it is working on developing a competitive cricket side, and it already has a soccer team.

For Bhutan, an Annual Hill Sports Festival will only help to enhance its sports and its relationship with its neighbors. Along with helping Bhutan, Modi believes that it is important to transform and improve the sports landscape that currently exists in India. While Modi knows that this could take some time, he believes that it will stand India in good stead for the future. While there is a large amount of raw sports talent in India, it is often hidden because the county has lacked organization for sports. Modi is hoping to pull off an overhaul of the sports landscape in India.