Hockey India Enters Partnership with Sports Authority of India

Field Hockey 1Hockey India and the Sports Authority of India have entered into a three-year partnership. The two entities have extended their commitment to helping hockey regain popularity in India.

Hockey India will be given a major boost as the Sports Authority of India assists the organization by investing in special programs that will help develop the sport, bringing India back to being a nation that plays world class hockey.

In the Memorandum of Understanding between the two groups, it has been made clear that hockey can be used as a medium to promote good values for the youth, along with being a tool to help young players develop and reach a level of excellence in sports.

In order to reach these goals, Hockey India and the Sports Authority of India will be working on identifying new talent, improving the hockey infrastructure, and developing a better hockey coaching system.

Barubder Batra, the President of Hockey India, commented on the historic partnership with the Sport Authority of India: “It’s a very proud moment for all of us here at Hockey India today. SAI has always been there with us for our support, but this MOU only marks the beginning of a new era for hockey in India. It also shows that our team’s hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed and the government does see a huge value that the sport can bring towards youth development in India.”

Batra further enthused: “I am confident, that in the next three years we will identify many budding youngsters for our junior and senior programs, which will only further our cause of making Indian hockey world class.”

The new push for hockey, with the planned focus on the youth, will not only bring out new talent for Indian hockey, but will help the next generation to find focus and good values.

The Director General of the SAI, Injeti Srinivas, commented: “SAI is committed to invest in developing hockey within India. We aim to develop innovative programs and create avenues for a fruitful and rewarding career in the sport of hockey through this association. I am hopeful of some very positive results in the course of the next three years and eager to see Indian hockey rise to the top-spot in the world hockey map.”