Hockey Team Angered and Frustrated by Sports Ministry Decisions

Hockey India LogoWhile tennis players may have been given a full quota of players and supporting members of the team, the hockey teams have not been so lucky. When the list of players and other important individuals was published, the Indian hockey team discovered that Jude Felix, an assistant hockey coach, who also happened to have been a former Indian hockey team captain, was excluded from the list of those who will be able to attend the Asian Games. The Sports Ministry cut the number of those who would go to the Asian Games from 942 down to 679.

Interestingly, the Indian tennis team had been given permission to take a player’s mother with her, and yet for the hockey team, an assistant coach was cut. The Hockey India secretary general, Narinder Batra, expressed his frustration, and noted that the sports ministry was simply showing its double standard.

Batra noted the following: “The secretary of sports Ajit Sharan and Jiji Thomson, Sports Authority of India (SAI) director, know nothing about sports. It is time to get rid of them. They have deleted the names of physiotherapist, video analyst, scientific/fitness advisor and a coach. What is the rationale behind leaving out a physiotherapist and a video analyst? If any of the players get injured then who will help them?”

He expressed the opinion that it seems that the cuts had been made in an ad-hoc manner, and that little real thought had been put into the decisions. IN addition to that, Batra felt that it was clear that those who made the decisions showed a “complete lack of understanding of sports and have no idea as to what is required for competing in the international arena for the competition the Asian Games.”