Huge Gambling Raid with Over 150 Arrests

For some time now, the Indian police have been making a number of illegal gambling arrests after conducting gambling raids. On Sunday, the police arrested a record number of illegal gambling suspects in a raid. Of those that were present in the club at the time, almost all those found there during the raid were involved in card playing in some way.

The raid that took place was conducted in the Lakshmipuram Sports Club. The sports club is a privately run recreation center that is particularly popular. When the arrests took place, there were around 150 people who were caught in the police gambling raid. Included in those arrested was a club member who sits on the committee for the Lakshmipurum Sports Club.

This is the second time that the police have raided this club in the past couple of years, although the previous raid did not result in so many arrests. During the raid, the sum of Rs 4.5 lakh was found and seized. The club committee has now received a warning from the police that if they persist in breaking the law and continue to allow illegal gambling to take place on their premises, then the police will open a case against the club using the Karnataka Control of Organized Crime Act.

“First, we picked up club committee president Madhu Singh and then carried out the raid with the help of the police team comprising six inspectors, 50 constables and many armed reserved personnel,” said A N Prakashagowda, the Krishnaraja sub-divisional ACP.

The gambling raid was planned carefully after the police had been tipped off. It took place starting at 5.30pm, and continued until midnight. Before police entered the club, they formed a ring of police personnel around it to ensure that those who were inside could not run off.

All those that were arrested were released on bail with a warning.