ICC Rankings Show India Stays in 3rd Spot

By Dhanu Delphi on January 31, 2013

While India has been playing well in the T20 matches, they have not raised their ICC rankings, however the team is pleased to have maintained its No. 3 ranking amongst the other T20 teams.

The rankings were announced on Tuesday, with India coming third after the leaders of the T20 teams, Sri Lanka, came first. Next up is the West Indies, followed by India. Sri Lanka reached this position with 131 points, while India, in third place, has 119 points.

Not only did Sri Lanka already reach this number one spot,but they continued to maintain it after they beat Australia 2 – 0 in a T20 series win.

While the Indian T20 cricket team maintained its position, this is not the case for some of the individuals on the team. Virat Kohli, the India batsman, has dropped down a level and now only holds the sixth spot in the ranking list for the T20 batsmen. Kohli has 731 points at this time. Suresh Raina had previously held the eighth spot, and has moved down the rankings to the ninth spot.

Other players from the India team that have also been ranked within the top 20 are opener Gautam Gambhir, who currently holds the 17th place, and Yuvraj Singh, who currently holds the 13th place.

India only has one bowler that made the top 20 T20 list. Ravichandran Ashiwin, the off-spinner, holds the 16th position in the list of T20 bowlers in the ICC rankings. The bowlers’ first position is being held by Saeed Ajmal, from the Pakistan cricket team. The next in line is Ajanthat Mendis, from the Sri Lanka team, and third place in the bowlers’ list is held by the England team’s Graeme Swann.

Overall, even though some of the individuals from the India team dipped slightly in their rankings, the team as a whole has managed to maintain the same level as last year in the ICC rankings.