Illegal Cockfights and Other Gambling Raids

cockfightThere have been more raids for illegal gambling that have taken place this week. There was a gun that was seized in one raid, and the other raid was of yet another illegal cockfight.

In the Saurabh Complex in the Master Colony area in Sawangi, it had been reported that Sushil Bhagat was running an illegal sports betting racket that was taking bets on cricket games. When the police, acting on information that they had received, raided the venue, Bhagat was nowhere to be found, however, Shrikant Bapat was there, along with a Mauser gun that had one bullet, two laptops, mobile phones, and other items to the value of Rs 1.5 lakh. Police have registered both gambling offences and an offence under the Indian Arms Act against both Bhagat and Bapat.

In the bust of the illegal cockfight, there were five people that were arrested, and the police seized six or seven roosters that were intended for use in the cockfight betting that was taking place in the Thane district. The five that were arrested included 31-year-old Tarashankar Nando, 35-year-old Ganesh Mahabali Shetty, 40-year-old Shekar Subha Bechar, 45-year-old Hansraj Vitthal Shetty, and 62-year-old Narayan Pappu Pujari.

The roosters were seized, along with cash to the value of Rs 31,000. The offence was registered at the Valiv Police station, with those that participated being charged under the Bombay Gambling Act.

Cockfighting is considered to be illegal since it is a blood sport in which punters place wagers on one of two roosters. The roosters are then placed in a ring and are left to fight to the death while the betters watch. Those who placed bets on the winning rooster have won their wagers. Even the rooster that wins will often have sustained injuries. This form of gambling is considered to be barbaric, and while it is banned, it can still be found in many areas, most notably in Tamil Nadu.