Illegal Dog Fights Still Running

By on January 30, 2012

Although dog fights are illegal in India, animal rights groups have discovered incidents of dog fights in both Badshahpur and Sector 47.

Dog fights are banned by the Public Gambling Act and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Dog fights are illegal as they often lead to dogs being seriously injured and it’s also not uncommon for dogs to die in these fights.

The animal rights group PFA (People for Animals) recently ran a sting operation in which they recorded conversations about a planned dog fight. After gathering evidence they then filed a case with KK Sindhu, the Gugaon police commissioner.

Amit Chaudhary is the PFA’s representative in this case and is the lead complainant. He said that a dog fight was planned just outside the Badshahpur village last week. He recorded a conversation between himself and the alleged dog fight manager, a man called Anil, which confirmed plans for a dog fight.

Anil confirmed that he organizes several dog fights in Gurgoan, Jhajjar and several other locations. Fight prices can be anything from a thousand rupees to twenty six thousand rupees. Anil buys his Pakistani Bully fighter dogs in the Fazilka district and they cost around twenty thousand rupees per dog. The dog fights take place in secret locations and are only advertised by word of mouth for a select few clients.

The PFA may however have a problem with their case, as Anil alleges that local police officials often attend and bet on his dog fights. He says that the policemen have never questioned him and the only people he is currently wary of is the media, which would spark public debate on the topic. Although the police commissioner has forwarded the complaint, the police are yet to investigate the case.