Illegal Gamblers Arrested and Released on Bail

There has been yet another gambling related arrest that has taken place, and once again, those who were arrested were released on bail very soon after the arrest took place.

There were six people that were arrested on Tuesday last week. Amongst those arrested was Mahesh, alias Attack. The six people that were arrested were accused of gambling. The alleged gambling took place in a garage for cars that is located near Sector 31. At the time of the arrest, there was more than Rs 1.23 lakh that was found in possession of the alleged gamblers.

There were also another two cased in which the Badshapur police and DLF-II arrested another three people who were also allegedly gambling. The accused were taken to a city court, and were then released after being granted bail.

The Sector 40 police raided Dixit Automobile after they had been tipped off that there was gambling taking place there. The six people that were arrested in this raid were Jitender, Anuj, who are residents of Jharsa village. A resident of Kanahai village, Deepak, and a resident of Warjirabad village, known as Rajkumar. Also arrested were Rajan, who is a resident of Hans Enclave in Gurgaon, and the well known gangster, Mahesh alias Attack.

Mahesh alias Attack is the individual who was arrested who has been accused of a number of things apart from illegal gambling. Mahesh alias Attack is also wanted for being involved in cases with a murder attempt, snatching, thrashing, and extortion.

There have been other gambling arrests that have taken place recently, including that of Bhoop Singh, with the alias Mangtu. Mangtu was arrested by the Badshapur police for gambling in the Badshapur vegetable market. Other arrests were made by the DLF-II police. Ravi Chand and Sanjay Kumar were arrested by the DLF-II police for gambling in the DLF-II area.