Illegal Gambling in Chandigarh

There have been a large number of illegal gambling cases in Chandigarh recently. After receiving some tip-offs, the policed raided 15 different locations on Friday last week. There were 17 arrests.

Not only were there 17 arrests that took place, the police also recovered a large amount of cash, totaling Rs 60,000 that was in the possession of those that were accused of illegal gambling. All those that were arrested and accused were booked under the Gambling Act. However, as is often the case with gambling arrests, all those that had been arrested were almost immediately released on bail.

A police official said: “We had got information that some accused are running this illegal trade in different parts of the city. Therefore, special teams were constituted and surprise raids were conducted in different parts of Chandigarh. 17 accused were arrested during the raids.”

The police official further noted that they were unable to interrogate the people who were placed under arrest, although they had hoped to gain information regarding possible accomplices. The police are, however, keeping tabs on the released.

On Saturday, there were another nine people arrested who were caught gambling in public places. There was almost Rs 10,000 that had been in their possession and was seized by the police.

These raids also took place after the police had received information and laid a trap for the gamblers. The police official said: “We received information regarding the gambling business being operated from different parts of Chandigarh for the last few months.” He further noted that they “have also recovered gambling slips and cash from the possession of the accused.”

The police have now made a list of those individuals who are known to be habitual gambling offenders, and have been arrested in the past. The police expect to conduct more raids in the near future. In January 2013 alone, there were 32 gambling cased that were registered.