Income Tax Authorities Raid Casinos

India - Goa - Casino Pride1The income tax authorities in India have raided four offshore casinos on Tuesday this week. Along with the offshore casino raid, a land based casino in Panaji was also raided. There were also raids conducted at a number of both official and residential locations that appear to be connected to the casino raids. The raids took place after there was a tip-off regarding illegal dealings with money.

Both the vessels and the offices of the Casino Pride 1 and the Casino Pride 2, and of the Deltin Jaqk and the Deltin Royale were raided. The hotel at which Casino Paradise is located, the Hotel Neo Majestic in Povorim, was also raided. In addition to this, the residences of the company directors were raided in Goa, Delhi and in Mumbai.

While the raid was taking place, the casinos were shut down for the day. Any customers that were at the casinos at the time of the raid were asked to leave the premises.

An income tax authority official said: “We received information that the casinos were being used for money laundering. As many of the high rollers do not divulge the source of the money they spend gambling, the casinos are also unable to keep an account of the same.”

The official further noted: “We have seized a large number of documents and some cash, and are now going through the accounts to gather evidence. It may take a few days to complete the process.”

In 2013, the government of Goa brought in some laws regarding financial guidelines, in which the casinos would need to keep track of customers and the source of the customer’s money. Whenever a player spends over 10 lakh, the casino operators are obligated to report this high spending to the central government’s financial intelligence department.