Lorien Pilling, director of research for Global Betting & Gaming Consultants, has predicted that India will be the future of online gambling. The fast paced growth of disposable income of the middle class in the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China indicates increasing surplus for leisure activities like online gambling. The second factor favoring online gambling is the penetration of mobile phones and Internet access in these countries. As of October of 2011 there were 880 million mobile devices in India and 5.6 billion mobile devices in China.

Russia and China have more totalitarian governments that are preventing the entry of gambling. India and Brazil, with democratic governance, are more likely targets. India will in the near future overtake China as the most populated country and is therefore being talked about as online gambling’s next big destination. Pilling adds, “There is a huge propensity to gamble amongst the Indian population.”

The biggest hurdle in India will be the same that many of the western countries are facing, which is the legal scenario. Indian laws on gambling are a relic of the British Empire. Though there are no specific laws relating to online gambling, it is deemed to be illegal. Also considerable funding will be required for a stable infrastructure, which is a prerequisite to a buoyant online gambling market. As of now there is no progress on either front, but it is a matter of time before the government will have to take cognizance of the revenue generation possibilities of online gambling. Till then Indians will access offshore online gambling sites.