India Ahead in Champions Trophy 2013

The Indian cricket team is playing well in the Champions Trophy 2013. On Saturday, India beat Pakistan by eight wickets, their third win of the tournament. At this time, Pakistan has played three matches and lost all three. India has played three matches, and has won all three.

The match between Pakistan and India was affected by the rain. With two losses already sustained, Pakistan was already out of the running to reach the finals. For each win the winning team gets two points. If the teams tie, each team gets one point, and for a loss, the losing team receives no points.

The teams are split into two groups, and each team gets to play the other teams in their group once. The points are awarded according to whether the team won, lost, or tied. Two teams from each of the two groups will continue on to the finals. The runner up team from Group A will play the winning team from Group B, while the winning team from Group A will play the runner up from Group B. The winners of these two games then progresses to the final match, in which the overall winner is determined.

So far, the three teams that have made it to the semi finals are India, with a six point total, England, with a four point total, and South Africa with a three point total. India is the only team to have won all of its matches.

This year is expected to be the last of the Champions Trophy cricket tournaments. The ICC has plans to put in its place the ICC World Test Championship. In the current format of the Champions Trophy, the eight teams that play are those that ranked the highest of the One Day International teams six months before the tournament began.