India Beat Bangladesh by a Single Run in the ICC World T20

2016 ICC World Twenty20In the ICC World Twenty20 2016, in the game between India and Bangladesh, India had hoped, and expected, to win. The team did take a victory, winning by a hair, with one run ahead of Bangladesh.

As the match was drawing to a close, it appeared that India was about to lose the match to Bangladesh. All those who might have tried to predict the outcome would have been sure that India had almost no chance of winning. Bangladesh was sure that victory was theirs with only two more runs needed to win the match.

As the excitement and tension mounted at the end of the match, India turned it all around, and Bangladesh lost three wickets in the final three balls of the game.

The final result was that India beat Bangladesh with 146-7 to 145-9.

When MS Dhoni commented on the team’s bowling, he said: “The decision what was line and length to bowl. To bowl yorkers and work out what the batsmen’s strength and weaknesses were. I knew once it got to the 20th over I couldn’t be fined so I could take my time.”

Before the final ball of the game, a discussion took place. Dhoni was asked what had been discussed, and he said: “Don’t bowl a yorker. It had to be back of a length. His execution was excellent.”

If India had not won the match, there was a chance that the hosts would have had an early excit from this year’s ICC World T20. By winning the match, the team has stayed in the running, securing a place just behind New Zealand. While New Zealand has already secured its place in the semi-finals, India has yet to do so.

India’s next ICC World Twenty20 2016 match will take place on Sunday. India will be playing against Australia in what will be a very important match of the tournament.