India Begins to Level Playing Field Against Australia

After a particularly disappointing first Test match in the current India – Australia Test series, India has begun to fight back. The second Test turned around with the partnership of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane.

Pujari and Rahane were up to bat on the third day of the Test match. The partnership has given the Indian team the chance to equalize the series. Rahane ended the day on 40 runs and Pujara ended the day on 79 runs. The two players reached a total of 93 in their partnership. While the two players did not even reach 100 runs together, they took the team back to a place where they have ended the third day with more than a fighting chance in the four-Test series.

Despite the difficult pitch that is dry and cracking, the Indian cricket team ended the day with a 126-run lead. Purjara and Rahane both left the game unbeaten, and will continue on Day 4. India ended the day on 213 for 4. Australia’s run total for the Test match is 276.

While India was bowling, Ravindra Jadeja took a six-wicket haul towards the end of the first half of play. After India had begun batting, it’s openers reached 38 with no losses. KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund played as India’s opening partners. Mukund was bowled out for 16, while Rahul remained at the bat ending with just over a half century at 51. He was caught out in an excellent catch by Steven Smith. Australia took four important wickets, after which Rahane and Pujara turned the match around.

Virat Kohli was called out with an LBW. He challenged the call, and since it was unclear to the third umpire, Richard Kettleborough, whether the ball had hit the bat or his pad first, the decision of the umpires on the field stood. Kohli did not take the judgement well, and after expressing his anger, he realized he was fighting a losing battle and walked off the field.