Four Reasons Why India Head Coach Ravi Shastri Gets Flak From Fans

By Dhanu Delphi on October 9, 2019

Ravi Shastri, who is the India head coach of the cricket team, has one of the most pressurised yet enviable jobs in the world. He gets to lead a talented bunch of cricketers, travel the world in style and live in luxury hotels, and get the best seat in the house to watch India play all formats of cricket. And he also gets to take home a hefty salary.

However, Shastri doesn’t have the highest approval rating of any India head coach. Here are four reasons why fans might start asking for someone to take his place.

Reason 1: Good Results, But Bad Reputation, For India Head Coach

The Indian cricket team have done very well for themselves with Shastri as the head coach. They are the number one test team in the world, made it to the semi-finals of the 2019 ICC World Cup, whitewashed the West Indies in the West Indies, and have a great bunch of reserve players on standby.

The BCCI was also pleased with Shastri’s performance that they were happy to extend his contract for another 2 years in August 2019. Indian fans are pretty happy with the way the team has played for the last two years. One would think they would feel the same way about Shastri.

However, it is clear that the majority of Indian cricket fans do not like Shastri. They use different social media platforms to express their displeasure for the former Indian cricketer. While some of the social media criticism can be termed as dry humour or put down to fans just having some banter, it is quite evident that Shastri is disliked. That is because of the reputation he has knowingly or unknowingly created.

Reason 2: Eat, Drink And Party Hard

Shastri has had a reputation for years of being a man who loves to have a good time. He usually goes with the motto, “play hard and party hard”, but to the Indian public, it appears that Shastri is partying most of the time and doing very little with the Indian cricket team.

Pictures of Shastri on social media have created this effect. Some of the pictures were posted by the media and some by Shastri on his social media accounts. He posted a picture with a drink in his hand during the West Indies tour, which got the trolls rolling. There was also a picture of him during practice. It showed his massive paunch and the fact that he was completely out of shape.

This is why the Indian public tends to view Shastri as a man who is having more fun drinking and partying, than someone who is making serious contributions to the team.

Reason 3: Kohli’s Yes Man

Anil Kumble stepped down as head coach due to his fallout with Virat Kohli. But then, Shastri stepped in and he clicked with Kohli. Indian fans adore Kumble and resent Shastri for taking over.

They believe that he is able to get along with Kohli because he is very keen to say yes to Kohli’s demands. Kohli has been an avid supporter of Shastri as head coach. Therefore, this has reinforced the feeling that Shastri is Kohli’s yes man!

Reason 4: Failed When It Mattered

While India has had good results with Shastri as head coach, the team did not win the 2019 ICC World Cup (even though they were one of the top betting favourites to win it) nor did they win the test series in Australia. Shastri has used his media skills to divert attention from those failures. However, Indian fans are not buying into those tactics.

Shastri also failed to find a proper number 4 for the ODI squad. This is even though he had more than 2 years to find and groom multiple players. He and Kohli have also made terrible selection choices. This is especially during test matches in overseas tours that literally caused India to lose. The fans will not forget those moments. Shastri will continue to get flak until he finishes his contract or helps India win the T20 World Cup in 2020.