India Hope to Beat England in T20

After India’s Test lost to England, the India cricket team beat England in the opener for the Twenty20 series. The two game Twenty20 series will be completed on Saturday, with India hoping to make a clean sweep of things ahead of the upcoming series against Pakistan. India and Pakistan begin their Twenty20 two-game series on 25th December 2012, and after that, there will be a three game ODI series too.

For India, it is important to keep up the momentum and go into the two-match Pakistan vs India Twenty20 series with confidence. However, the England cricket team is going to do what they can to win on Saturday because they are hoping to end this series on a high note with their return to England for the festive season.

While India did do well on Thursday night, the team will need to make sure to choose its players carefully in order to win again on Saturday because not all players were up to scratch.

As for the England Twenty20 team, the captain, Eoin Morgan explained that the team had a good start, but then began to lose wickets. Morgan said: “We got off to a fantastic start — Alex [Hales] and Luke [Wright] really came together as a pair — but from there we didn’t really kick on.”

The team captain, who is standing in for the injured Stuart Broad, continued to note: “We lost wickets continuously which halted our momentum and didn’t do us any favours. The total we did creep up to was probably about 10 or 15 short of par.”

Yuvraj Singh, from the Indian team, was named the man of the match. Yuvraj not only bowled excellently, getting three wickets in 10 balls, he also did a good job when he was up to bat.

Morgan complimented Yuvraj for his excellent game, saying: “He’s a very clean striker of a cricket ball, and again always has that danger factor. He can clear the ropes and he did that tonight – he had one over when he went berserk.”

He further praised Yuvraj’s performance, noting: “…all credit to him; he bowled well. He does a great job, and has done for years.”