India Invests in Much Needed Sports Infrastructure

abhinav-bindra-gold-medalist-2016When it comes to sports in India, a lot is heard about cricket, hockey, and kabaddi. There are a number of other sports that have great potential, however, India is not yet equipped with the infrastructure to support those who have the potential to excel.

A range of sports, along with health and fitness, have become a focus in India, and the infrastructure has yet to catch up. There are some individuals who are making sure to help this along. There may be a number of stadiums around India that are often not used enough, however the facilities need to offer quality training facilities that are accessible to those players that show the most potential.

India’s first individual Olympic gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra, is making good on his word after the Rio Olympics. Many who reach the top in sports are trained overseas, and Bindra wants to help change this.

Bindra has opened a centre in Chandigarh where top athletes will be able to make use of the facilities and receive quality training. The elite athletes will be able to do so for free, helping them to improve their performances and be better equipped to compete.

Bindra commented: “For the longest time we’ve lamented about the lack of facilities in our country. This is an attempt to redress the problem and this will not only get us on par with the West but will actually get us ahead of the curve. For 22 years of my life I’ve been searching for a thing like this. Had I found it earlier I’d have won another Olympic medal.”

Other developments, such as The Arena from TransStadia, which was used for the recent Kabaddi World Cup, can house 14 sports disciplines.

Udit Sheth, who set up the facility, said: “The various sports associations will now have a high quality sports science, rehabilitation, and elite athlete training centre, along with other sporting facilities under one roof.”