India Mulls New Gambling Legislation

Gambling and online gambling is mostly illegal in India and the Indian government is setting up new legislation to ensure that Indian citizens are also not allowed to visit online casinos which are based in other countries.

There are only a handful of gambling facilities in India, which means that players who live far away from these casinos hands are tied because they are now also not allowed to play online. Gambling has always been a part of India’s culture and bets are placed on a variety of activities, even chicken fights. Indian gambling fans are growing more and more frustrated with the government’s position on this matter.

International online casinos are also not happy with the new regulations as it would love to open its doors to the 1.2 billion Indian residents. If these companies can break into the Indian market, their market share would rise considerably. In fact, experts reckon that India’s expansive gaming market may offer the biggest possibility for growth when compared to any other country. The MECN (Media Entertainment Consulting Network) reported that they projected annual gains of more than fifty US billion dollars, should online gambling be legalized in India.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has no qualms about legal gambling and online gambling and they are making the most of this opportunity to draw Indian residents to their shores. Not only is Sri Lanka gaining extra cash from Indian resident’s casino spend, they also score in terms of the money these gamblers pay to travel their and for the hotels they overnight in.

In fact, Sri Lanka is spending a lot of money investing in more casinos and hotels because if legislation in India as well as China keeps moving in this direction, it will be the gambling destination of choice. For the moment, other than betting money on local chicken fights, Indians have to either go abroad or visit local illegal underground casinos and face the risk or being caught by the authorities.