India Not Likely to Bid on 2019 Asian Games

Indian Olympic AssociationVietnam had won the bid to host the 2019 Asian Games, however, the country quit being the host citing that it was not prepared enough to do so, and that the Games would not likely prove to be financially viable for their country. The country did not feel it could raise enough funds for all that needed to be done ahead of the Asian Games.

The Olympic Council of Asia has given a deadline of 1st July for all countries that would like to bid to host the Asian Games. The final decision over who will host the 2019 Asian Games is set to take place on 20th September during the next Asian Games in South Korea. While the Games was originally set for 2018, it was moved forward by one year to 2019 in order to be played closer to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

India still needs to restore its image in the sporting world after there was much corruption and many scandals that tainted the Commonwealth Games in 2010. While India has hosted the Asian Games before, both times were some time ago, the first Asian Games in 1951 and the 9th Asian Games in1982.

On Thursday, the Indian Olympic Association said that it still needed to make the decision as to whether to bid on the Asian Games or not. While it is expected that the government will support the bid, the IOA still needs to show the government a presentation regarding the Asian Games bid.

Vice President, Virendra Nanavati, said that there had been discussion at the meeting with the minister, but that the IOA had not committed as to whether it wanted the bid to take place or not. “We told him that such a proposal will have to be approved by the IOA Executive Committee,” said Nanavati.

At this time, no Executive Committee meeting has been set up and Rajeev Mehta, the IOA Secretary General is currently out of the country, although he will be back in the coming week.

India still has some time to bid on the 2019 Asian Games should the decision be taken to do so.