India – Pakistan Cricket Conflicts

Recently the Asia Cup was moved to the United Arab Emirates because Pakistan had refused to play cricket in India. The move was made after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officially requested the relocation.

Since 2008, India has halted its bilateral cricketing connection with Pakistan. There has long been tension between India and Pakistan. Cricket ties were suspended after Pakistanis were blamed for attacks that took place in Mumbai in 2008.

The two teams have met each other at international events in other countries.

The Asian Cricket Council Development and Event Manager, Sultan Rana, noted: “This year’s Asia Cup is moved out of India to UAE, and will be held from September 13 – 28.”

ICC Attempt to Resolve India – Pakistan Cricket Issues

The International Cricket Council has set up a panel to deal with the Pakistan – India cricket conflicts. The panel will be made up of three members.

Pakistan has claimed that they should be compensated because India has refused to play a bilateral series against them.  Compensation from the Board of Control for Cricket in India to the amount of $70 million has been requested. The panel will listen to Pakistan’s reasoning for the claim.

The Pakistan Cricket Board claims that India will have missed six bilateral cricket series that were scheduled to be played between 2015 and 2023.

An International Cricket Council representative explained that the hearing has been set up from 1st to 3rd October 2018. The hearing will take place in Dubai. It was further noted that the decision of the panel would be binding on both India and Pakistan. The decision cannot be appealed.

While the ICC may be able to make a decision regarding the bilateral series conflict, it will not be able to resolve the deeper issues between Pakistan and India’s cricketers. The rift in sporting ties has increased as political tensions have increased over the years.