India Suffers Defeat in Cricket World Cup Semi-Final

Indian team loses World CupFour years ago, India won the Cricket World Cup title. The team has been playing very well with an excellent win rate, but were simply unable to beat the favorites, Australia. After a grueling four months in Australia, the Indian cricket team will be heading home.

The Australian cricket team beat the Indian cricket team by 95 runs. As the evening came in, with 25 overs still to be bowled, it became clear that India were not going to win the match. MS Dhoni was still batting, and while there was still a faint glimmer of hope at that stage, it was not likely that India could make enough runs.

Although the Indian team had played consistently well, with seven wins in seven games, the eighth game that would take them to the final was simply beyond them.

As expected, the Indian team took the loss hard, and while some may have managed to put forced smiles on their faces, the team was walking towards the exit minus the enthusiasm that has carried them through the rest of the World Cup.

MS Dhoni said: “Before the World Cup, the Test matches didn’t go our way, the tri-series didn’t go our way. But here I felt everybody rose to the occasion, how the fast bowlers bowled throughout this tounament, how the spinners have done, learning from all their past experiences.”

He concluded by saying: “Disappointed we couldn’t go into the finals, but only one team can win, and I felt they played better cricket on the day.”

Australia will be playing against New Zealand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. The favorites are hoping for a fifth Cricket World Cup title. New Zealand beat South Africa in its semi-final match.