India Takes Series Lead Against England


It has come as no surprise that India has taken the lead in the series against England with 2 – 0. The England cricket team had looked as if it might pull itself up earlier on in the tournament, but this was not to be as India dominated in Mohali.

On the third day of the Test, India pulled ahead as England fell further and further behind. While it appeared that England’s bowlers made few mistakes, the Indian team simply played well, and easily added to its run total.

Although England won the toss, they did not manage to make it advantageous for their team. The pitch conditions and the quality play from the Indian team made it easy for India to get ahead.

England were bowled out for 236, which meant that India only needed 103 runs to win. India made short shrift of it, and accumulated the runs with eight wickets left over. With the small run total needed, India made sure to play well, but the pressure was off.

The fourth Test match in the India – England series is set to take place in Mumbai. There will be a few days break before the next Test begins, giving all players a chance to rest and start fresh. England certainly needs the rest, and the chance to regroup before the next Test match.

To attain a large number of runs, not only do players need to be physically rested and fit, they also need time to get their mental focus back on track. England will be taking their break in Dubai. The question is whether this break will help England to get back on track, or whether the Indian team will still be sharper and better at getting high run totals.

The next Test begins on 7th December 2016.