India Team Takes Time Off After Australian Defeat

After India suffered a devastating defeat against Australia in the Test match in Pune, the team members needed to get away and clear their heads. Virat Kohli and Indian cricket team members have gone trekking ahead of the next Test.

The team went for a hike in Tamhini Ghat, which is approximately 80km from Pune. They will be flying to Bengaluru on Tuesday, ahead of the next Test that begins on Saturday, 4th March 2017. Kohli and other team members posted photographs to Twitter in which they can be seen on top of a mountain taking a real break from cricket and the rest of the world.

Kohli’s tweet read: “Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity. Be grateful and keep moving ahead.”

The team’s vice-captain, Ajinkya Rahane tweeted a sunset photograph with his wife, noting: “Seeing a #sunset is so peaceful #beautifulnature.”

The Indian team had been defeated by a huge 333 runs, with the Australian side coming out on top in an unexpected defeat. The team has been struggling with the loss and definitely needed the time off to rejuvenate and clear their heads before the next Test.

There have been some questions as to the quality of the pitch in Pune. It is known that the Pune stadium has one of the flattest pitches in India. This means that four-day matches end up with better results through seam and not through spin. The recent Test, however, saw 12 wickets lost to Steve O’Keefe, a spinner. Some are of the opinion that if India had won the toss, they would have batted first, and the outcome would have been different.

When Kohli spoke about the pitch, he said: “I don’t’ think it was any different from the turners that we played in the past. We just didn’t play good cricket. You can ask me any sort of questions or any perception about the loss. We know exactly what happened, the mistakes we made. External perceptions don’t matter to us; they have never mattered to us.”