India Thrown Out of the Ring

Indian Boxing FederationThe boxing federation in India is currently very frustrated with developments that have taken place with the International Amateur Boxing Association. Earlier this week, the association essentially expelled the Indian boxing federation. While the International Amateur Boxing Association has made the decision to exclude India until such time as the leadership of boxing in India is changed.

The Indian boxing federation was suspended in 2012 when allegations came to light regarding possible manipulated elections. Now that the new move to exclude India has taken place, it is clear that India may have to do a full overhaul of its boxing leadership. The International Amateur Boxing Association has essential said that they want the top leadership of the Indian federation to be replace by officials who are seen to be honest.

In practical terms, this suspension means that India’s boxers will be unable to compete under the Indian flag when they compete in the upcoming Asian Games and he Commonwealth games.

The secretary general of the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, Rajesh Bhandair, has expressed his frustration with this move, claiming that the decision is an unfair one. He said: “It is most unfortunate that they have taken a decision which is not only shocking, but also one-sided and arbitrary.”

Bhandair further commented: “ow can you keep a national federation out just on the basis of some unsubstantiated allegations? They have not given us any chance to explain ourselves.”

He further explained that the Indian federation should rather have been investigated and only those who have caused the problems, or have been found guilty should be removed, rather than blacklisting the whole federation.

A former Indian official, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “It is time our officials looked within and cleaned up their act. We cannot live in denial always. We must clean the game from top to bottom if we are to move with our heads high.”